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Payroll Outsourcing Switzerland

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The Edelweiss Payroll is one of the Payroll Service Providers in Switzerland. We offer international firms payroll and human resource expertise and provide swiss and international companies seamless workforce expansion into Switzerland without the daunting task of understanding foreign employment compliance.

It takes a true partner to understand the intricacies and liabilities of payroll legislation in Switzerland and compliance. It may be a small part of what you do, but for us it’s our very reason for existing. And we do it better than anyone else in Switzerland.

With Our Simple Payroll System, You Can Easily Manage Payroll from Anywhere;

• Enter in new employees
• Manage changes to employee files
• Add expenses, commissions or any other changes to an employee’s pay
• Track vacation, sick and personal days
• With a click your payroll goes directly to The Payroll Edge for processing
• Easily run and download reports such as Earnings and Vacation reports.
• Have access to employee paystubs, cheque history
• Access payroll invoices

When we receive your payroll, we don’t just push a button to process. Your payroll is reviewed and approved by payroll professionals well-versed in the intricacies of the Swiss Regulations ensuring each pay cycle is compliant with the over 100 regulatory legislative requirements across Switzerland.

We calculate both the employee and employer taxes ensuring the correct amounts go to the various government accounts on time, every time. Where many other payroll providers fail, we ensure that we take care of all the employer remittances including worker’s compensation and the specific taxation requirements by cantons.

Switching to us is easy. We work with you to get everything set up, provide training to those in house responsible for payroll and then take you through your first few pay cycles.
Even then you’re never alone – our payroll manager is always available to help.
Leverage our expertise — get in touch today!

Unlike other payroll processors who charge a base fee plus surcharges for every step in the process, The Edelweiss Payroll has an ‘all in’ payroll solution that allows clients to know exactly what their costs are going to be before anything is processed.

Other payroll processors typically accept the payroll data sent to them by their client, simply route this data to their processing machinery and print the cheques. At Edelweiss Payroll we review all payroll data before processing to ensure compliance and discuss any anomalies with our clients offering advice on best practices.

Payroll Outsourcing Switzerland

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We know the legalities and compliance of employment. Our experts are trained, certified professionals with years of experience dealing with every imaginable case. When you partner with The Edelweiss Payroll you engage these experts as part of your team.

For foreign companies looking to hire a worker in Switzerland, the advice and information in regards to whether the company needs to have a Canadian business presence is endless and can even be contradictory. We can help sort through this confusion based on the company’s specific needs.