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Freelancer Payroll
Freelancing without stress with maximum comfort of a worker
The employment and billing solution for freelancers, which no
Own company (sole proprietorship, AG or GmbH).

You have decided to work as a freelancer. And you have your reasons for that: Freedom and flexibility are very important to you. Less interesting, however, are the associated risks such as illness, unemployment and clients who do not pay. Edelweiss Payroll offers you the opportunity to combine the freedom of your own entrepreneurship with the advantage of the employment relationship, not having to worry about payroll accounting and social insurance.

Payrolling as a solution
As an experienced payroll company, Edelweiss Payroll is formally your employer. You no longer need to worry about the payroll of your company and automatically have a health and accident insurance. Then no connection to compensation fund and no entry at the Commercial Registry is required. Meanwhile, you have the freedom to choose who you work for and at what times. Of course, you determine your tariff yourself in consultation with your customers.

Your advantages: The legal security of an employee – The freedoms of a freelancer

o Complete freedom in entrepreneurial activity without burden of administrative activities
o Pre-financing of wages and, if possible, insured debtors
o Insured under UVG, KTG, NBU, ev. BVG
o No legal form required, therefore no registration at the Commercial Registry Office
o A personal account manager for all your questions
o No minimum margin and no start fees
o The cooperation with Edelweiss Payroll can be terminated free of charge at any time
o focus on core business

payroll_lohnbuchhaltung_unfallversicherung_quellensteuer_schweiz_switzerland_uvg_ktg_bvg__edelweiss payroll_freelancer_unternehmen

payroll_lohnbuchhaltung_unfallversicherung_quellensteuer_schweiz_switzerland_uvg_ktg_bvg__edelweiss payroll_freelancer_unternehmen

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You look for your orders and negotiate the details for your projects or orders
Conditions of employment or legal certainty of an employee
By the settlement by us you are insured automatically AHV, ALV, UVG ​​and KTG, possibly also BVG

How can I sign up for Freelancer Payroll Services?

Before we can work for you, you must provide Edelweiss Payroll with various documents.
Registering with Edelweiss Payroll is very easy. After we have received some data from you, you can start right away.

We definitely need the following documents for Freelancer Payroll Process:

o A completed and signed registration form with your contact details
o A copy of a valid passport or identity card

Once we have received your registration correctly, we will create a flexible contract stating that you are employed by Edelweiss Payroll Services but working for your client. Our contract offers you the best possible flexibility and also gives you the opportunity to work for several clients. You can always choose to organize your administration in other ways; If you change, you will not incur any additional costs.