Pension Fund

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Swiss Pension Fund (BVG)

Pension Funds are one of the three pillars of the Swiss pension system. Occupational benefits insurance guarantees employers and employees a secure old-age pension and protection in the event of disability or death. The pension funds supplement the benefits from Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung – (AHV) in German, Assurance vieillesse et survivants (AVS) in French and Assicurazione vecchiaia, superstiti e invalidità (AVS) in Italian – and ensure that retirees, survivors or invalids can maintain their previous standard of living.

It is important for you, as an entrepreneur, to think about how you can best assure your employees and yourself.



BVG, what will happen to your pension plan?

Interest rates on bonds are more subdued than ever before and negative interest rates put pressure on the investment market for pension funds. In August 2015, the Federal Occupational Pensions Commission decided that the minimum interest rate for 2016 should be at a new low of 1.25%. This interest rate applies to all pension funds and is considered a guarantee obligation.

The future retirement pension is defined as the retirement capital at the time of retirement. The BVG retirement pension is determined in the amount of the conversion rate.

We advise you competently on the occupational benefits of your employees

With a modern staffing solution, you take on your social responsibility for your staff; In addition, you increase your attractiveness as an employer. We support you! Benefit from our comprehensive service in the consultation and care of occupational pension plans. It covers the areas of occupational benefits insurance (BVG), compulsory accident insurance (UVG) and collective daily sickness benefit insurance (KTG).

You start a new company?

We take care of the optimal employee benefits. Whether starting a business, merging or changing the current provision – our all-round service offers you security and flexibility. In addition, we support you in all matters relating to the occupational benefits of your organization and your employees.

Company founding or establishment of a branch in Switzerland

You wish:
Ø a flexible and uncomplicated provision that can be easily adapted to your particular situation
Ø lawful security
Ø Performance and cost security
Ø a reliable precautionary partner for you and your employees
Ø sickness allowance or compulsory accident insurance

payroll_BVG - Berufliche Vorsorge_Personavorsorge_Pensionskasse_Altersvorsorge_PK_KTG_UVG_schweiz_switzerland

payroll_BVG – Berufliche Vorsorge_Personavorsorge_Pensionskasse_Altersvorsorge_PK_KTG_UVG_schweiz_switzerland

Merger or acquisition

You wish:

Ø a flexible and uncomplicated provision that can be easily adapted to your particular situation
Ø Performance and cost security
Ø a safe and reliable precautionary partner for you and your employees

Adjust existing Pension Fund – BVG

Ø Existing BVG solution will be expanded
Ø For example, an existing BVG plan will be supplemented by cadre provision
Ø BVG plans are optimized and adapted to the current company situation
We offer a comprehensive analysis of your existing Pension Fund BVG.