As an experienced provider of payroll and HR services, Edelweiss Payroll offers a comprehensive solution for its clients in Switzerland: from payroll and HR to legal advice, training and automation, as well as consulting and outsourcing services. You need an experienced outsourcing partner? A flexible and local solution? An efficient, locally controlled HR service that supports your business growth? - We offer you the right solution. It takes a bit more than just transfer an amount from one account to another. Here there are many things to consider, to coordinate closely branched and coherent processes and to keep the process as error-free - because for your employees salary is the most important thing in life and if the salary is not right, not only the anger is great: you must unscheduled use human resources to find the mistake to fix and avoid this through increased controlling in the future - unnecessarily much effort and wasteful work. Payroll is so clearly outlined that you can easily outsource it. Edelweiss HR relieves your personnel work In the development of our services", our specialists have considered from the beginning how they can optimally take over and handle the entire process. The result is a complete service that provides you with maximum reliability, security and efficiency for your business, along with many other performance benefits. Today, our company relieves mainly medium-sized companies and public institutions of all tasks related to payroll accounting with its HR Services service. With numerous software systems, complex regulations and constantly changing laws, payroll accounting in Switzerland has become a labor-intensive process requiring extensive expertise. That's why working with a specialist is the best way to meet the challenges of law updates, zero-error tolerance, technology integration, and compliance requirements. Payroll is important to any business. Therefore, you must have a solid and efficient solution that will deliver consistent, effective and accurate results. At the same time, it is not the main business for most companies. At Edelweiss, on the other hand, payroll is actually the main business: We offer powerful HR solutions that optimize the processes of your payroll and at the same time record business-critical data about the workforce. [caption id="attachment_713" align="alignnone" width="620"]payroll_lohnbuchhaltung_unfallversicherung_quellensteuer_schweiz_switzerland_uvg_ktg_bvg__edelweiss payroll_freelancer_unternehmen payroll_lohnbuchhaltung_unfallversicherung_quellensteuer_schweiz_switzerland_uvg_ktg_bvg__edelweiss payroll_freelancer_unternehmen[/caption] Edelweiss offers you the best solution and a great added value: We take your risks Our service is transparent, failsafe and financially calculable for you. We also ensure that your payroll is legally secure, complies with all laws and internal regulations, and adheres to the reporting obligations. SLAs ensure the highest reliability for your process. Best Payroll Service? Communicative and personal Experienced specialists are personal contacts for your team and other interfaces such as Compensation funds, municipalities and insurance companies. At the usual business hours, you will be informed about your requirements and your contract. Special features in payroll? Our daily business Many individual individual cases represent a constant challenge in payroll accounting: these include not only the changes in staff due to entries, departures, interruptions, etc., but also short-time work and minor work. We are familiar with it, as well as with exceptional situations in accounting in a wide variety of industries. Expensive Payroll Softwares and Constant IT Updates? We take care of this We use best softwares (swissdec certified) from leading manufacturers when we settle your payroll. We set up import and export interfaces, take over your personal data and integrate them into a payroll system. In doing so, we ensure the protection and security of your personal data, maintain software updates and new releases. Contact us today to get an offer. We make HR & Payroll easier At Edelweiss, the customer comes first, which is crucial for our success. All our employees receive more ..

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